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This comprehensive selection of videos and pictorial tutorials will show you how to get the most out of EzyChart V6.

You can get help from within EzyChart V6 by clicking on the Help Icon next to the item you need help with.



If you are following the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) you can choose to open a sector workspace in EzyChart 6 which will load the entire ASX equities and dynamically filter them into Global Industry Sectors (GICS).

EzyChart: Sector Workspace

    Open a Sector Workspace:
  1. Open EzyChart and from the Home tab, click on New then New Sector Workspace.

    EzyChart: New Sector Workspace

  2. This will automatically open the equities from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) filtered into GICS Sector Groups with the matching Sector index overlayed on each chart.

    EzyChart: GICS Sector Charts

    For example, the Energy sector contains 197 stocks and each chart in this group will have the S&P/ASX 200 Energy Index (XEJ) overlayed as a line chart. If you switch to the Materials sector these charts will be displayed with the S&P/ASX 200 Materials Index (XMJ) overlayed on them.

    EzyChart: GICS Materials Sector

  3. You can scroll through each sector group of stocks by selecting the appropriate tab at the bottom of the chart then clicking the green arrow buttons (from the bottom toolbar) to step through the stocks in this group or simply click the Play button (from the Home ribbon menu) to automatically flip through the selected group as Live Charts.

    EzyChart: Play Charts