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This comprehensive selection of videos and pictorial tutorials will show you how to get the most out of EzyChart V6.

You can get help from within EzyChart V6 by clicking on the Help Icon next to the item you need help with.



EzyChart allows you to personalise your charts by using templates. A template gives you control over the chart type; what indicators you want displayed and the colour scheme of you charts.
In reality, a chart template is a custom chart type that you can select through the Stock Selection Docker and apply like any other chart type.
If you need assistance using templates refer to this help topic.

To save a chart as a template:

  1. Create the chart you want to save as a template. In this example, I have opened a Candlestick chart and applied Jim Berg's indicators to it. I've also changed some of the background colours.

    EzyChart: Jim Berg Indicators

  2. Select the Save All button from the Templates group on the Advanced tab of the ribbon.

    EzyChart: Advanced tab

    The Save Chart Template window will appear, displaying all the elements on your chart.

    EzyChart: Save Chart Template

  3. Type the name of your template in the Name box (i.e. Berg Trading). This will be the name that will appear in the Chart Type drop-down box on the Stock Selection Docker.
  4. Use the default icon or choose one by clicking on the icon drop-down box and selecting one from the menu.
  5. Check that all the elements you want included in this template are ticked, then click the Save button. Your template is now saved.