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This comprehensive selection of videos and pictorial tutorials will show you how to get the most out of EzyChart V6.

You can get help from within EzyChart V6 by clicking on the Help Icon next to the item you need help with.



EzyChart allows you to personalise your charts by using templates. A template gives you control over the chart type; what indicators you want displayed and the colour scheme of you charts.
In reality, a chart template is a custom chart type that you can select through the Stock Selection Docker and apply like any other chart type.
If you need assistance creating templates refer to this help topic.

To open a chart using a template:

  1. Click the Chart Type drop-down button in the Stock Selection Docker to display a menu of available chart types.

    EzyChart: Chart Types

  2. All templates you have saved will be listed under the heading User Templates. Click on the one you want to use (i.e. Berg Trading). The Chart Type button will be updated with your selection.

    EzyChart: Berg Trading

  3. Choose a security from the symbol selection table or a group of securities from the filter selection tree. If you need help selecting securities from these boxes, refer to: In this example, I'm opening security BHP from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). To do this, I select All from the filter selection tree and BHP from the symbol selection table. The symbol selection table has a search filter box above it that helps you decrease the number of securities displayed in the table. You can filter this list by code; by name or by both (this is selected from the drop-down button). I've filtered it by code and typed BHP in the search filter, the table is now refreshed and displays only the securities that start with the code: BHP.

    EzyChart: Open Chart of BHP

  4. Click the Open Chart or Open Group button. The security or group of securities you chose will be opened using the chart template you selected.

    EzyChart: Berg Trading