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These videos and picture tutorials will show you how to correctly set up and get the most out of the BodhiGold software.



BodhiGold has the choice of downloading data from three different servers. These servers are updated with the same data everyday but they are hosted at different locations around the world. If one server goes down you can manually switch your BodhiGold to download from another server.

Selecting a different server
  1. Open BodhiGold.
  2. Go to the Edit menu then choose Options.

    BodhiGold Edit Menu

  3. Choose the Connect tab then click either Server 2 or Server 3.

    BodhiGold Properties Menu

  4. Close the Properties window and click Catchup.
  5. If there is no option for Server 2 or Server 3 then select Upgrade from the Help menu. This will close BodhiGold and start the Upgrader.

    BodhiGold Help Menu

    If the upgrader doesn't open, refer to this tutorial.
  6. Click the Start button.

    BodhiGold Upgrader

    After it has upgraded, follow the directions above.