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Historical data comes with its own software so you can mange the formats, directories and amount of History to load.


The Bodhi History CD/USB is supplied with all the historical data we have available for the particular Exchanges that you ordered. This could be anything from 5-years to 30-years of data. If you do not want the entire history loaded you can choose to prune data from the beginning of the records.

    To load history from the 01/01/2010, do the following:
  1. Open the Bodhi History program on your CD-ROM or USB.

    Bodhi History: Main Menu

  2. Go to File>Trim, the Start Date box will appear.

    Bodhi History: Trim Data

  3. Enter the date you want to load data from. Remember to enter it in the correct date format: YYYYMMDD (20091231). When entered, click the OK button.
  4. Click the Load button. The historical data will load data from the date you entered (where available), to the current month.

    Bodhi History: Load Button