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Historical data comes with its own software so you can mange the formats, directories and amount of History to load.


Bodhi History is a management system for historical information. Historical price information is stored on the CD-ROM/USB in a raw format. The data is then processed into the analysis format/s you require.

    With this software you can choose:
  • What information you want to process onto your hard drive (i.e. Indexes, Individual Stocks etc.)
  • What format you want to process into (i.e. UltraEzy, EzyChart, MetaStock and/or ASCII etc.).
  • Which directory/directories you want to store it in.

    You have two installation options:
  • Automatic installation to work with BodhiGold. This option will read your current BodhiGold settings and load only the historical data that corresponds to your daily downloading configuration.
  • Manual installation. This option gives you full customisation of the data you want to select, formats you want to include and the directory structure you want to write to.

Automatic Installation
  1. On the Autoplay menu, click on the Bodhi History option.

    Bodhi History: Start Up screen

  2. Read the Legal Information then click the Agree button.

    Bodhi History: Legal Information

  3. Click the Yes button to use your BodhiGold settings box.

    Bodhi History: Load BodhiGold settings

  4. Your settings - including data formats; directory structures and products, will be loaded into the History software.
  5. Click the Load button.

    Bodhi History: Click the Load button

Manual Installation
  1. On the Autoplay menu, click on the Bodhi History option.

    Bodhi History: Start Up screen

  2. Read the Legal Information then click the Agree button.

    Bodhi History: Legal Information

  3. Click the No button so you don't use your BodhiGold settings box.

    Bodhi History: Click the No button to not use BodhiGold settings

  4. When the Bodhi History screen appears, tick the format/s you wish to process the data into.

    Bodhi History: Select your data formats
    You select a format by placing a tick in the box next to the format/s you require.

    Formats include:
    Almanac Scanvest V3
    BodhiOne Scanvest V2, FCharts or Insight Trader
    UltraEzy (EZE) EzyChart V6, EzyProfessional V6 or EzyStation V6
    EzyStation (EZY) EzyChart V5 or EzyProfessional V5
    EzyChart (PCE) EzyChart V4 or less, EzyMoney or Market Suite
    MetaStock MetaStock, Advanced GET, AmiBroker, GTE Charting, OmniTrader or TradeStation
    AsciiCsv The Ascii/Csv format would be selected if using a spreadsheet to view your data.
    Market Analyst Market Analyst

    Bodhi History will load the data into the default data directory formats. (ie. c:\Data\UltraEzy\%Source% - for the UltraEzy format;
    c:\Data\MetaStock\%Source%\ - for the MetaStock format). If you need to change either the Drive (c:) or the Directory (\Data\UltraEzy) structure, go to the help menu inside this software or read this tutorial.

    MetaStock Note: Over the years the MetaStock format has changed to include more files per directory. Initially the format was limited to only 255 files per directory (MetaStock v6.5; SuperCharts; TradeStation 2000), it then went to 2000 (MetaStock v6.52 to v8; Advanced GET; AmiBroker; BullCharts; Gannalysts; GTE Charting; OmniTrader) and then 6000 (MetaStock v8.1 to v11 & v15; TradeStation v8). Bodhi History is compatible with all these formats but is set to 6000 files per directory by default. Therefore, if you use an earlier version of MetaStock or other software that uses an older MetaStock format you will need to edit the Directory Limit before loading history. You do this by right-clicking over the MetaStock format and changing the number in the DirLimit box.

    Bodhi History: MetaStock directory Limit

  5. Bodhi History will automatically select all the historical data that is contained on the CD-ROM/USB for you.

    Bodhi History: MetaStock Selected products

    If you want to deselect any markets you will need to go into each product list and change the Bundle from All to None.

    Bodhi History: MetaStock Selected products

  6. Press the Load button.
    The data you selected from the Selection box will now be loaded into the format/s you selected from the Distribution box.

    Please Note: We suggest you install the historical data to new directories. If not, it is essential that you backup any current data files before using this software. Bodhi History will update all data files with identical symbols to those stored on this CD-ROM. Bodhi History does not delete files it only replaces or appends files.

    Example: If you have 30 years of historical data for BHP and Bodhi History contains only 25 years, the first 5 years will remain intact. However, the last 25 years will be replaced with the Bodhi History data.