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Historical data comes with its own software so you can mange the formats, directories and amount of History to load.


  BodhiGold Users

If you are a BodhiGold user you do not have to make a selection as Bodhi History will read your configuration files and only load the data you have selected into the formats and directories you specified. Simply choose "Yes" when you are asked to use your BodhiGold settings.

If you have chosen not to use your BodhiGold settings you will need to make a selection from the Bodhi History menu. You may also need to change the default directories.

In the Bodhi History CD-ROM/USB, under the Finance tab, is a list of historical data products grouped by regions (i.e. Australia). By using the mouse to double-click on these regions, the selection is broken down into exchanges (i.e. Australian Securities Exchange). Double-click again on an exchange and the market groups (i.e. Equities, Indices etc.) available from that exchange are displayed. When you double-click on a market group you are taken to the entire list of symbols available from that Exchange.

Bodhi History: Product List

Once inside the product groups you can choose to:
Process the entire group, by selecting ALL from the Bundle box.

Bodhi History: Bundle = All

Process individual securities, by placing a tick in the corresponding box.

Bodhi History: Bundle = None | Ticked = 5

Process the Top 150 ASX Equities, by selecting the Top150 option from the Bundle box.

Bodhi History: Top 150 Setting

Displaying hidden securities in product groups:
When you enter each product list the default settings are in place. These settings control the securities that are displayed. The default settings are:
Equities Currently trading common and derived Equities
Indices Currently trading Indexes
Options Currently trading Put & Call Options
Warrants Currently trading Warrants and LEPO's
Income Currently trading Income/Bonds
Futures Currently trading continuous contracts

Bodhi History also contains:
- Preferences, ETFs, Units etc. - chosen from the Equity product list.
- Low Exercised Price Option's (LEPOs) - chosen from the Options product list.
- Derived Warrants (Company Options) - chosen from the Warrants product list.
- Current Future Contracts - chosen from the Futures product list.
- Expired symbols - chosen from all product list.

What you process is controlled by what is selected in the Product Lists. If you require expired securities, current future contracts and/or derived products you can select them from their appropriate product list. This is done by making selections from the View menu in each product list.

Bodhi History: View Menu - Styles Dialog Box