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This comprehensive selection of videos and pictorial tutorials will show you how to get the most out of EzyAnalyser V6.


When you choose an analysis from the Analysis drop-down box, no candidates are being displayed in the Candidate List.


If you haven't selected any candidates from the Candidate Selection Rules, refer to this tutorial for help.

Trial or New User
You haven't imported any data into EzyChart 6 or downloaded any data with BodhiGold or installed any historical data.

Importing Data
Import Data into EzyChart 6 by clicking on the Import File button located in the External Source section of the Data tab.

EzyChart 6: Import Data

For more information on using this feature click on the button on the Import Stocks screen.

EzyChart 6: Help Files

Automatic Data
If you have purchased EzyChart 6 with a BodhiGold subscription then you should have received a BodhiGold installation and historical data CD-ROM/USB with the software. Put this CD-ROM/USB into your computer then install BodhiGold as per these instructions.
Once BodhiGold is installed and configured, load the historical data from the same device. This will use your BodhiGold settings to install an UltraEzy database. Finally, click on the Catchup button in BodhiGold to update the data.