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This comprehensive selection of videos and pictorial tutorials will show you how to get the most out of EzyAnalyser V6.



EzyAnalyser gives the user the ability to save candidates to a library. The library stores either the candidate filter or static list by a (user defined) name that once selected, can be appended to other candidate selections.
The purpose of the library is so the user can save repetitious candidate lists to a file that they may wish to apply to a lot of their analysis. So rather than creating the same filter or static candidate list again and again (in each analysis), they can create it once; save it to the library then load it into any new analysis they create.

This would be useful if you wanted to create a library that included numerous exchanges (i.e. AMEX; NASDAQ & New York) or different groups/index constituents from exchanges (i.e. S&P ASX All Ordinaries and Dow Jones Industrial).

EzyAnalyser: Candidate Selection Rules

To save a candidate list to the library:
  1. Initially you have to create a list of candidates to save to the library. If you haven't already done this refer to create a filtered list of candidates or create a static list of candidates.

    EzyAnalyser: Candidate Selection Rules - ASX (All Ords) and USA (DJ Comp) Data

  2. Click the Save button in the Candidate Selection Rules section of the Analysis Design tab. This will display the Save Candidate Filter screen.

    EzyAnalyser: Save Candidate Filter

  3. Type a name for your candidates into the Name box or if you wish to overwrite a current candidate library, select it from the drop-down box list.
  4. Click the Save button. If you've chosen to overwrite a candidate selection the following Confirm box will be displayed, click the Yes button.

    EzyAnalyser: Confirm overwrite

To load a saved candidate list to an analysis:
  1. Select your analysis from the Analysis drop-down box in the QuickRun toolbar. If this is a [System] analysis you will need to copy it before you can add candidates to it.

    EzyAnalyser: Select your Analysis from the drop-down box list

  2. Click the Load button in the Candidate Selection Rules section of the Analysis Design tab. This will display the Candidate Library Selection screen.

    EzyAnalyser: Candidate Library Selection

  3. Select the candidate library from the list, by clicking on it. A blue arrow will appear next to the chosen library. Click the OK button.

    EzyAnalyser: Select a Candidate Library

  4. These rules will be appended to the current candidates in the Analysis Criteria Rules section of the Analysis Design tab and in the Candidate List.

    EzyAnalyser: Candidate Selection Rules

    If EzyAnalyser is having problems finding candidates then go to the troubleshooting tutorial: Nothing is showing in the Candidate List.