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These videos and picture tutorials will show you how to correctly set up and get the most out of the BodhiGold software.


These instructions explain how to configure BodhiGold to update to a different drive on your computer. By default BodhiGold will update to a Data directory on C: drive. If you have another hard drive or a partitioned hard drive you can direct BodhiGold to update to that drive. BodhiGold can not move your current directories. You will need to do this yourself manually by using MicroSoft® File Explorer.

  1. Open BodhiGold and click on the Configure button.

    BodhiGold: Configure button

  2. The Configuration screen will appear.

    BodhiGold: Custom button

  3. Click on the Custom button to display the Distribution screen.

    BodhiGold: Distribution

  4. If the Profile is set to Normal or Default then go to File>Copy Selected Profile as these two profiles can not be edited.

    BodhiGold: Copy Selected Profile

  5. Enter the name of the new profile in the box provided then click the OK button.

    BodhiGold: Enter a name for the new Profile

  6. To change the drive, go to Path>Drive, enter the new drive then click the OK button.

    BodhiGold: Changing Drives

  7. All the directories will now be changed to the new drive.

    BodhiGold: Drive Changed