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These videos and picture tutorials will show you how to correctly set up and get the most out of the BodhiGold software.



Insight Trader is a charting program supplied by Insight Trading. It accesses data from BodhiGold's BodhiOne format.

    The BodhiOne format uses the following default directories:
  • c:\Data\BodhiOne\%Source%\Stocks => If you are downloading information from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), this directory will contain any equity and/or index symbols you choose (ie. BHP and/or XJO etc.).
  • c:\Data\BodhiOne\%Source%\Options => If you are downloading information from the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), this directory will contain any Exchange Traded option symbols you choose (ie. AGLQ17 and/or BHPN98 etc.).

    The %Source% is a wildcard and will be replaced with the 3 letter Exchange Code of any Exchange data you download. This ensures that the symbols for each exchange are kept separate which stops any incorrect data being written into instruments which have the same symbol.

    These directories will only be created if you have selected symbols that fit their criteria. (❗) Note - Directories are created automatically on your first download.

Configuring BodhiGold to use the BodhiOne data format
  1. Install BodhiGold using the installation instructions.
  2. Once installed, launch BodhiGold. If this didn't happen automatically when you finished installation double-click the BodhiGold icon on your desktop or select it from your Windows® Start menu. Windows® 7 or above = Start ➔ Infosoft ➔ Freeway
    Windows® XP or below = Start ➔ All Programs ➔ Infosoft ➔ Bodhi 5 Gold ➔ Freeway
  3. A Confirm box will appear asking you to connect to the Internet to finish the installation. This process requires downloading files from the Internet. Make sure you are connected to the Internet then click the Yes button.

    BodhiGold: Connect to the Internet
    If a box appears asking you to use previous Bodhi settings, then refer to the tutorial: Configure BodhiGold 5 using my Bodhi settings.

  4. Select your closest Country from the drop-down box, then click [x].

    BodhiGold: Select your country

  5. Select your Nearest city from the drop-down box, then click [x].

    BodhiGold: Select your nearest city

  6. Select Insight Trader and any other formats you require from the list of analysis software. Once your selections are made, connect to the Internet then click the [x] button.

    BodhiGold: Select your charting package

  7. BodhiGold will now download product lists required to finish the installation.

    BodhiGold: Downloading product lists

  8. Initialisation is now completed. Click the OK button to shut down BodhiGold then restart the software.

    BodhiGold: Click the OK button then restart the software

  9. The registration screen will appear, telling you how many days you have left to trial the software.

    BodhiGold: Trial or Register

    1. To continue with the trial, click the No button. The software will give you access to the Exchange data nearest your location for the remainder of your trial period. If you requested access to other Exchange data you will need to register BodhiGold for your trial period.
      The Confirm registration box will appear each time you open BodhiGold (until it is registered).
    2. If you have purchased the software, email or telephone (+61 7 3821 5177) JustData with the Installation Code. You will then be given your personalised Registration Code. Click Yes to this message then enter your code into the box provided and click the OK button.

      BodhiGold: Register the software

  10. Click the Configure button.

    BodhiGold: Configure button

  11. The following instructions will show you how to fetch up to 6-months historical data:
    1. Right-click on the Finance tab and select Reset then Received from the menu.

      BodhiGold: Finance>Reset>Received

    2. The Received box will be displayed. The date should automatically be set to 6-months ago.

      BodhiGold: Received date

    3. Click the [OK] button.
  12. Exit the Configuration screen by clicking the [x] button.
  13. Connect to the Internet then click the Catchup button. BodhiGold will now download and export the last 6-months of data to your hard drive.

    BodhiGold: Download 6-Months of Data

Congratulations, you have successfully configured BodhiGold and imported 6-months of data into a BodhiOne format (c:\Data\BodhiOne\ASX\Stocks directory). From now on, you will only need to press the Catchup button in BodhiGold each night to retrieve the latest data. The free trial will run for 30-days after installation.

Configuring Insight Trader to open BodhiOne files
  1. You need to log on to the 'stem' directory of your BodhiOne ASX database (i.e. the directory just below the one(s) where the individual data files are stored). (❗) Note - only Insight Trader versions higher than 11.5 will read BodhiOne files.
      To do this, open Insight Trader and do the following:
    1. Go to Format then Preferences.

      Insight Trader ~ Format>Preferences

    2. In the box labeled Path for configuration and data files, enter the default ASX directory - c:\Data\BodhiOne\ASX. Once entered, click outside the box and a

      Insight Trader ~ Default ASX directory

    3. Click OK then Yes to establish it as an Insight Trader directory.
    4. Specify that the stock prices are in dollars and volume in 1's.

      Insight Trader ~ Choose Dollars and change the volume to 1's

    5. Click OK to close the dialog box.
    6. Click Yes to save the configuration.
  2. If you want to log on to other Stock Market Databases (i.e. c:\Data\BodhiOne\LSE) then follow Step 1 for each new database.
  3. You will be told there is no resident file for the other directories. If this occurs, enter the following defaults when prompted for the different Market groups:

    Exchange Database Default
    American Business Indicators c:\Data\BodhiOne\09W DJI
    American Exchange Consolidated c:\Data\BodhiOne\ASQ BTI
    AusAsian Business Indicators c:\Data\BodhiOne\15E AORD
    Australian Stock Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\ASX BHP
    European Business Indicators c:\Data\BodhiOne\03E FTSE
    Hong Kong Stock Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\HKG 00003
    London Stock Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\LSE BLT
    Malaysian Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\KLS MBBM
    NASDAQ Exchange Consolidated c:\Data\BodhiOne\NMQ MSFT
    New York Exchange Consolidated c:\Data\BodhiOne\NYQ IBM
    New Zealand Stock Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\NZE ANZ
    Singapore Stock Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\SES S68
    Sydney Future Exchange c:\Data\BodhiOne\SFE APDCDVOL

    In future any of these directories can be easily accessed instantaneously by using the New directory toolbar button (no 11) and double-clicking on the directory required.

Adjusting your ASX Database with the IT ASX Database Manager
  1. From the main menu, click on Utilities then Database Manager.
  2. Click the first toolbar button to configure and then check the option Database is in dollars rather than cents.
  3. For Path of ASX Directory to Convert type in the path of the Bodhi ASX directory eg: C:\Data\BodhiOne\ASX.
  4. Leave the other options as they are and click OK to close the dialog and then click on the Go button on the main toolbar and your database will be adjusted and the fundamental information installed. When completed exit Database Manager.

    On future occasions you can update your Database Manager directly through the Internet simply by clicking on the Utilities then Update from web option from the main Insight Trader menu. This can be performed once a week any time after every Monday evening when the changes are usually posted.