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Interactive Tools

Get more feedback on your analyses with interactive drawing tools, mouse cursors & extra stock details. With customisable workspaces for more optimal market exploration.


Add cross-hairs and a price box at the mouse point


Interactive Cursors
Easily switch between interactive mouse cursors to gain different insight into your charts. Use either the Cross Hair, Statistics or Mouse Zoom pointers for the information you need.
The Workspace Map feature allows you to make changes to any aspect of your workspace charts. Modify colours and shadings for indicators, drawing tools and the up-and-down colour rule of the chart type.
Overlay Indexes or Stocks
Compare different stocks on the same chart. You can overlay a chart of XYZ over a chart of ABC. A very handy feature if you want to compare a stock with an index.
We recommend pairing with Bodhi data downloading software so you can chart and analyse data from over 100 worldwide stock markets.
Configured to Windows® Ribbon.


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Intelligent Design

The most diverse selection of indicators, customisable in style and function. EzyChart does all the complicated calculations for you, so you can focus on the charts.


Add indicators with a click of a button


Indicators in an Instant
Select from over 50 Indicators, alter their parameters and see them automatically applied to your chart. For example, a simple 20-day moving average on close price can be changed to a 30-day exponential on open price - or any other combination.
Guppy, Berg and Hull Indicators
EzyChart includes indicators and drawing tools from three top industry experts:
Daryl Guppy - Apply the Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) and Modern Darvas box. Try out his stop-loss drawing tools including the Count back line (CBL) Short, CBL Long, CBL Short Stop, CBL Long Stop and the Average True Range (ATR) Short & ATR Long.
Jim Berg - Includes Volatility Price, Volatility Profit Taker and Volatility Trailing Stop.
Alan Hull - Apply the Hull Moving Average, Hull Multiple Moving Average, Rate of Annual Return and Range indicator.
"I personally like the Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull and Jim Berg indicators grouped under their own photos.
During the Weekly routine I tend to check my stocks using both Weekly and Monthly modes.
Only a click to change."

D. Gilder
Property Consultant, Melbourne

Extensive Charts

Scroll through Global Industry Sector charts as well as S&P 100, 200 or any major index grouped charts. Or sit back and play through the charts automatically (with Bodhi data only).


Charts can be grouped by Index or Sector


Price & Fundamental Data
An excellent feature in EzyChart is the Stock List, a configurable window that displays the fields you want for Price and Fundamental data.
Note: Fundamental data is only available with Bodhi. A Bodhi ASX subscription provides equity fundamentals for Sector, Ranking, Shares on Issue, Dividends per share, Earnings per share, PE Ratio, Market Capitalisation and Net tangible assets.
Money Management
EzyChart contains a unique money management facility to help you control your investments. Place a 'Stop Loss' on your charts using either % method, Average True Range or Count Back. Or use 'Stop Loss' strategies from Daryl Guppy's book "Trading Tactics" i.e. Count Back stop loss/break out and Average True Range Stop Loss. All automatically recalculate as new data is applied to the chart.


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