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Know how to trade mainland China markets when they open to foreign trading
With an established record of China market trading, Red-K-Line gives you all you need to know about trading the China market.

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Extracted from the weekly Chinese trading advisory newsletter, this is the information and analysis Chinese traders and traders of China stocks rely on for their trading decisions.

Each issue covers around 30-40 stocks each week, but does not include the fundamental commentary included in the Chinese language edition. Red-K-Line includes Shanghai, Shenzhen Index or commodity market analysis every week which is not included in the Chinese language edition.
Red-K-Line is written by leading trading expert, Daryl Guppy.

Red-K-Line is translated and published as . Red-K-Line is a trading advisory newsletter. With 35+ stocks each week and a 81%+ success rate, is the leading mainland Chinese language weekly trading publication of its type.

  • Red-K-Line is essential reading for traders interested in understanding how China trading is different from trading in Western financial markets.
  • Red-K-Line is essential for expatriates in China who are interested in trading the China market.
  • Red-K-Line is essential reading for those who want to be ready to participate in China market trading when the market opens in the near future.

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