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Daryl Guppy - Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis - Asian Edition

TIATA: Asia - 1 Year

  • 50 issues per year
  • Published on Wednesdays
  • MetaStock formats
  • Bi-annual portfolio summary
$229 inc. GST
Tutorials in Applied Technical Analysis (TIATA) Newsletter: Asian Edition is a high-quality education service developed by expert Daryl Guppy to examine how technical analysis concepts can be applied to market analyses. Readers can test the same techniques with greater confidence across stocks in their own charting database and local markets.

TIATA uses recent price data from Asia and China markets to illustrate notional case study trades and explain the ways the tools of technical analysis can be applied to understand market behaviour. Like a weekly textbook, it uses selected charts to explain concepts i.e. what a stochastic tells us about market sentiment and how it applies to the data. Generally, the notional case study examples do not include any stocks held by the author, but if the stock is held, the authors interest is noted with an *. As trading is about managing risk, TIATA also tracks a portfolio of notional case study teaching stocks selected from previous newsletter issues. This includes trading comments and shows how the 2% money management rule is practically applied to control losses.

Please note, Guppytraders.com Pty Ltd is not an investment advisor. TIATA is not a stock tipping service, nor is it a brokers service giving trading advice. It is not advice about securities nor is it a securities report. The newsletter is a general discussion of selected technical analysis indicators. This newsletter teaches readers about the tools of technical analysis and the notes are based on Daryl Guppy's personal and professional experience of applying technical analysis to the market. The material is of a general nature and designed to be used as a tutorial showing how technical analysis can be applied to a chart of price data. Readers should seek advice from their broker or other investment advisors as appropriate before taking any action.

Newsletter case study portfolio realised returns - Asia

Period Percentage
Average 63.06
1997-1998 66.00
1998-1999 54.00
1999-2000 69.90
2000-2001 (6 mths) 32.00
2001-2002 71.30
2004-2005 38.00
2005-2006 59.00
2006-2007 70.80
2007-2008 63.00
2008-2009 49.90
2009-2010 83.70
2010-2011 124.50
2011-2012 37.70

"Direct investing in the stock market can result in financial loss. Historical results are no guarantee of future returns. The results are from our case study portfolio and each trade is fully disclosed and completely analysed in the newsletter. A full portfolio summary is published every six months."
- Guppytraders.com Pty Ltd (ACN 089 941 560)