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This comprehensive selection of videos and pictorial tutorials will show you how to get the most out of EzyAnalyser V6.



When opening EzyAnalyser 6 from the icon on the desktop one of the following registration messages appears:

EzyAnalyser 6: Registration Wizard - Lease User

It states:
The registration of the EzyAnalyser 6 installation has expired.
Please contact Sales at JustData to renew your licence.
Once your licence is renewed with JustData Sales, you may select the Next button,
or restart the application to proceed.

EzyAnalyser 6: Registration Wizard - Trial User

It states:
The Trial period for your installation of the EzyAnalyser 6 has expired.
To purchase a full license please contact Sales at JustData quoting the Installation Code above.
You will then be provided with your User ID to enter.
Once you have your User ID please select the Next button to proceed with the registration.

If you have been leasing or trialing EzyAnalyser, the lease or trial date has now expired. If you are a registered user you may need to refresh your license.

  1. Purchase a license: if you wish to continue using EzyAnalyser, contact the JustData Sales office or visit our website and purchase a license. Once purchased you will receive a User ID to enter into the software to unlock it.

    EzyAnalyser 6: Registration Wizard - Enter User ID

    To enter the ID, click the Next button on the Registration Wizard and enter the ID in the appropriate box and then click Next to register the software.

    EzyAnalyser 6: Registration Wizard - Registered

    Click the Finish button. EzyAnalyser will open.
  2. Uninstall EzyAnalyser: if you do not wish to purchase a license, uninstall the software by:
    Clicking on the Start menu then clicking on Ezy Software 6 then right-clicking on EzyAnalyser and selecting Uninstall EzyAnalyser.

    Uninstall EzyAnalyser 6: Windows Start menu

  3. Registered User: if you have a valid registration then you need to refresh your license by exiting [x] the software; connecting to the Internet and restarting EzyAnalyser. This will download your registration details to EzyAnalyser. EzyAnalyser must connect to the Internet every 32-days to update these details.