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These videos and picture tutorials will show you how to correctly set up and get the most out of the BodhiGold software.



If you are on the BodhiGold 30-day trial you may want to download some history for your charting software. We store 6-months history on our servers. You can download this data whilst you are on trial. When you purchase a subscription you will be sent a CD-ROM/USB containing more historical data (30+ Years for the ASX).

Downloading 6-months of history
  1. Install BodhiGold using the installation instructions.
  2. If you are a trial client, configure BodhiGold using these steps.
    If you have been using an earlier Bodhi Freeway version, refer to these steps.
  3. Once you have installed and configured BodhiGold, launch the software by clicking the BodhiGold icon on your desktop.
  4. Click the Configure button.

    BodhiGold: Click the Configure button

  5. The Configuration screen will appear.

    BodhiGold: The Configuration screen

  6. Using your mouse, right-click over the word Finance to display the Reset option and select Received.

    BodhiGold: Select Reset > Received

  7. The Received date box will appear. This will be automatically set to a date 6-months in the past. Click the OK button to download 6-months of data or change this date using the drop-down box.
    Please Note: you will not be able to download data earlier than this date.

    BodhiGold: Set the received date  BodhiGold: Change the received date

  8. The BodhiGold trial normally only includes data from the Finance tab. However, if you are trialing a product on a different tab (i.e. Forex) you will need to repeat steps 6 & 7 for each tab.
  9. Exit the Configuration screen by clicking on the [x] button.
  10. If required, connect to the Internet then click the Catchup button to start downloading the data.

    BodhiGold: Click the Catchup button

  11. If you are a trial client or you haven't registered BodhiGold the Confirm box will appear. This tells you how long you have left on your trial. Click the No button to continue with the trial. The Confirm registration box will appear each time you open BodhiGold or run Catchup (until it is registered).

    BodhiGold: Confirm you are a trial user
    If you are a registered BodhiGold user this box will not appear.

  12. The Catchup screen will appear. This screen gives you information on what is being downloaded.

    BodhiGold: Downloading the Australian Securities Exchange  BodhiGold: Updating the Australian Securities Exchange into EzyChart 6 format
    The Catchup screen will disappear when the 6-months data is downloaded and exported into your charting software/s.