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These videos and picture tutorials will show you how to correctly set up and get the most out of the BodhiGold software.



Rover Upgrader Software

The Rover Upgrader software is designed to keep your BodhiGold program up-to-date. This software is run from the BodhiGold Help>Upgrade menu. When selected, BodhiGold will shutdown and the Rover Upgrader software will appear. Make sure you are connected to the Internet then click the Start button. Rover will connect to our servers and compare your BodhiGold version to the current version. If you have an older version, Rover will download and install the updates for you.

If Rover doesn't open when you select Help>Upgrade from the BodhiGold menu, you will need to install it. Normally this software is installed with BodhiGold but if you chose not to install Rover the file is saved into your BodhiGold directory.

These instructions will explain how to install the Rover Upgrader software to your current working version of BodhiGold. If you do not have a copy of BodhiGold already installed on your computer, follow the instructions on this tutorial.

Installing the Rover Upgrader software
    The installation file for Rover is called setup.exe. You will need to run this file to start the installation.
  1. Open BodhiGold.
  2. Go to the Help menu then choose Upgrade.
    If BodhiGold closed and the Rover upgrader opened then the software is installed and you need to go no further with these instructions.
    If the following screen appeared, click the Yes button then go to step 10.

    File Explorer: Computer

    If nothing happened then you need to install Rover from the setup.exe file saved in your c:\Software\Infosoft\Bodhi5\Main directory. Keep following these instructions.
  3. Open Windows® File Explorer by right-clicking on the Start button then selecting File Explorer from the menu.
  4. In the left panel, click on This PC then in the right panel double-click your Windows (C:) drive.

    File Explorer: Computer

  5. Locate the Software directory (listed in alphabetical order) then open it by double-clicking on it. You will now see an Infosoft directory, double-click it. Double-click the Bodhi5 directory then the Main directory. Locate the setup.exe file then run it by double-clicking it. Go to step 10.

    File Explorer: Rover Directory

    If you don't have a setup.exe file in this directory then you will need to download the software from our website.
  6. Download Rover by clicking here.
  7. The following dialog box will appear.

    Rover Install: Download
    Click the Save File button.

  8. Save the Rover.exe to your Windows® Desktop.

    Rover Install: Save to Desktop

  9. After the file has downloaded, go to your Windows® Desktop and double-click the Rover.exe icon.
  10. The Setup Wizard will open. Click the Next button to install the software.

    Rover Setup: Wizard

  11. Click Next to install Rover to the default directory (c:\Program Files (x86)\Infosoft\Rover).

    Rover Setup: Default Directory

  12. Click Install to begin copying files..

    Rover Setup: Installed

  13. Click Finish.

    Rover Setup: Installed

  14. To use Rover, do the following:
    1. Start BodhiGold from the menu by clicking on Start > All Programs > Infosoft > Bodhi 5 Gold > Freeway or double-click the BodhiGold icon on your Windows® Desktop.
    2. Select Help>Upgrade from the menu.

      BodhiGold: Open Rover

    3. BodhiGold will be shutdown and Rover will open. Make sure you are connected to the Internet then click the Start button to upgrade your software. If an upgrade is available, Rover will start receiving files from our server.

      Rover: Downloading files  Rover: Finished

      The Rover software will display the names of the files that were updated and the words: Upgrade complete will appear on the status bar when finished.