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This table was last updated on 29/08/2014.
Alan Hull Alan Hull conducts regular seminars and workshops on trading and is a member of the ATAA. Alan writes articles for our Bodhi Freeway software and our website. These can found in the Journal section of this site.
Analytical Charts Real time volume charts for stocks, indexes and exchanges. Volume based analysis and signals.
Anfield Capital Pty Ltd Portfolio Management Knowledge Base. A free investor education resource, designed for retail investors to provide an introduction to the many techniques and methods employed in the field of portfolio management.
ATAA The Australian Technical Analysts Association welcomes anyone with an interest in Technical Analysis or who wishes to learn more about it.
DOW-Signals Trading system for Dow Jones Industrial index. 15-30 trades per year.
Financial Investor's Club Providers of FIC-SYS system.
Forex Trading Signals Service forex signals service and trading recommendation gives the novice or professional currency trader the tools to trade currencies profitably.
GuppyTraders-Essentials Providers of GTE Charting and GTE Toolbox software.
Guppy Traders Daryl Guppy is an equity and derivatives trader and author of Share Trading; Trading Tactics; Bear Trading; Chart Trading; Trading Asian Shares and Market Trading Tactic.
Insight Trading Providers of the Insight Trader software.
QQQ Trading System QQQ timing signals with 10-20 conservative trades in a year. 112 % over the past 12 month.
Trading Lounge Trading education mentoring and reports. Trading Lounge offers the facility to educate beginners and more experienced traders wishing to acquire further advanced skills.
Spacejock Software Providers of FCharts Pro - free charting software.
Stock trading This site provides the experience of a long-term value investor. It includes buying and selling strategies and ways to track performance using the internal rate of return (IRR). A free spreadsheet is available on the site that tracks the performance of individual stocks as well as the total portfolio.
TradersFloor™ Trading system for Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, DOW indexes and their derivatives QQQ, DIA, SPY. Volume based technical analysis.
Trading Glossary Trading and Financial Glossary for investors. 6,000+ words.