Corporate Data

JustData can provide data on over 400,000 securities from across the globe. These are sourced from over 150 Worldwide Exchanges in 110 different countries. This is in addition to our comprehensive data sets of futures and foreign exchange information.

Structured around individual end user requirements, our data products facilitate flexible deployment and usage of information, enabling clients to streamline both processing and analysis.

Data Delivery

The data is delivered via a web browser or a direct FTP feed, either in a proprietary feed format or according to the ISO 15022 standard.

We have also developed a number of other delivery mechanisms in-house to meet the ever changing requirements of our customers. Our staff of data management experts are able to tailor a data delivery service to meet your every need.

Products & Services

Corporate Actions and Reference Data
  • Security Reference File
    Up-to-date information on all securities currently traded on stock markets - listed equities, fixed income, warrants and many others. Nearly 400,000 securities in total.
  • Worldwide Corporate Actions
    An extensive accurate coverage of corporate actions data directly sourced from over 150 Worldwide Exchanges.
  • Worldwide Dividends
    A comprehensive source of up-to-date global dividend data across more than 110 countries daily. Permits the centralisation of dividend operations.
  • Worldwide Fixed Data
    An invaluable reference source outlining key terms and conditions and tracking corporate action events pertaining to both corporate and government bonds across over 400,000 securities in more than 100 countries.
  • Public Holidays
    Easy access to information on official holidays observed by financial institutions in more than 110 countries that allows you to find out the date of the next trading day. Holidays listed over a 30 year period going forward.
  • UK Tax
    A single easily accessible and affordable source to complete accurate tax filings.
  • Universal Depositary Receipts
    A unique service providing comprehensive details on all depositary receipts, making the conversion of depositary receipts into ordinary shares effortless.
  • Worldwide End-of-day Prices
    This service provides stock market closing prices as soon as they become available across over 150 Worldwide Exchanges. Used for portfolio valuations and market analysis
  • Worldwide Public Offering
    A useful solution on IPOs worldwide, with announcements captured at four different stages, New, Rumour, Pending and Historical.
  • Worldwide Share Outstanding
    a useful solution for calculating share stakes, reporting levels and capitalisation figures on regular basis as well as monitoring and analysing sector and country needs.
  • Foreign Exchange Data
    End-of-day spot and cross rate data for over 110 different currency pairs.
  • Futures & Commodity Data
    End-of-day Futures Exchange data covering all the US exchanges, European exchanges and the Sydney Futures Exchange.
Please contact us to assess your data requirements and provide you with a comprehensive solution designed to meet your needs.