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With automated event adjustments and updates, BodhiGold is an intelligent data service used and recommended by experts Alan Hull and Daryl Guppy.
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Easy One-click Update
BodhiGold has an easy automated default configuration for your charting program/s. Set BodhiGold to update automatically at the same time every day or on specific days. Or, choose to manually update simply by clicking the 'Catchup' button.

Automatic Data Maintenance
Adjustment events are automatically applied to the historical database of all Stock Market Exchanges. These include: Name/code changes, adding new codes, stock splits, demergers, capital returns and Dividends.

If you require your database to be unadjusted then simply set BodhiGold to not apply some or all adjustment events.

Register on Two Computers
Take your trading away with you. BodhiGold can be registered on two computers for your own use (Laptop or Desktop).

BodhiGold has three backup servers located on different continents, ensuring you can always download the data.


Catering to investors and traders looking for the one data supplier who can provide them with every market they require in formats compatible with all major charting software.
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Data that Works for You
Compatible with most end-of-day software including: EzyChart; MetaStock 11 & 15, GTE Charting, Insight Trader, AmiBroker, OmniTrader plus programs using an Ascii/Csv format like Excel.

Simultaneous Updates
Best of all, BodhiGold is able to update multiple formats at the same time. It does not matter how many programs you want to update.

Quickly locate the exchange and market of securities you are interested in. Useful if you have subscribed to many exchanges. BodhiGold's search facility allows you to search for either a symbol (BHP); or part of a name (BILLIT); or sector (Materials).

Watch List
Follow your favourite stocks by creating your own Watch List in BodhiGold. The list can have any number of stocks and displays: Code, Date, Price, Move, Dividend Yield, Earnings per share and Sector.


Take control of the data you download. Tailor settings to not only get the data relevant to you, but to manage how its organised for maximum ease and efficiency.
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Personalised Data
When it comes to customising your data the options are endless; update all to a single directory or select a sub-set of the data. Numerous set Groups can be selected for exchanges such as the ASX, US, LSE. Group examples include Top 100, 200 etc. S&P 500, FTSE 100 etc.

Expired/De-listed securities
These are automatically removed from your database at the click of a button to save space on your hard drive. Or you can keep expired securities if this better suits your trading strategy.

Data Your Way
Equities and Indexes are automatically selected by default. However you can elect to update Warrants and Options into the same or a different directory. Any combination of data to any directory can be achieved.

Personalised Support
When you have a question or need help. Call one of our friendly knowledgeable staff and speak to a real person.