BodhiGold Tutorials
Always keep your BodhiGold 5 software updated by using the Rover software which can be found in BodhiGold by clicking on Help then Upgrade from the menu. If Rover is not installed or working, follow the instructions in this tutorial.
The list below relates to BodhiGold 5 users only. If you are a Bodhi Freeway 2 or Bodhi Freeway 3 user, you should click here.
YouTube Videos about BodhiGold
Install BodhiGold and download 6-months EzyChart 6 history. Creating a Watchlist or Portfolio in BodhiGold
Getting Started with BodhiGold
Installing BodhiGold. Configuring BodhiGold 5 using Bodhi Freeway settings.
Configuring BodhiGold 5 as a trial or new user.
Loading the Historical data CD/USB.
Configuring for charting software
Configuring BodhiGold for Advanced Get. Configuring BodhiGold for Amibroker.
Configuring BodhiGold for AsciiCsv. Configuring BodhiGold for EzyChart 6.
Configuring BodhiGold for FCharts. Configuring BodhiGold for GTE Charting/GTE Toolbox.
Configuring BodhiGold for Insight Trader. Configuring BodhiGold for MetaStock.
Configuring BodhiGold for Omintrader. Configuring BodhiGold for Trading Levels.
Changing Defaults
Creating my own directories/folders.
Deselecting/Selecting products in BodhiGold 5.
Moving my directories to a different drive Removing/Adding export formats in BodhiGold 5.
Using Features
Adding symbols to the table on BodhiGold's main screen
Applying adjustments to your database.
Creating Catchup Jobs. Creating GICS Level 1 & 2 directories.
Creating manual update lists Creating personal Indexes.
Viewing dividend information using the Monitor. Viewing simple charts in BodhiGold.
Backing up/Restoring your database/s. Upgrading to BodhiGold 5 from earlier versions.
Upgrading to the latest version of BodhiGold 5 using Rover.