New Red-K-Line

Did you know that foreigners can trade Shanghai Listed shares directly?

Western traders will be able to directly trade Shanghai listed shares.* Guppytraders is one of just a handful of Westerners who have been actively involved in the mainland China market for more than a decade. They have provided trading and investment signals notes to several mainland China publications. Guppytraders has an established record and experience in trading mainland China markets. Guppy market notes are followed by hundred of thousands of Chinese readers. Until now these have only been available in Chinese for mainland China traders.

Now these same trading signal notes are available to Western traders in a translated Western edition of the New Red-K-Line format. Delivered three times a week, these trade notes identify 2 to 4 new real-time opportunities in the China market.

Here's the return on equity line for the New Red-K-Line publication starting June 2013**. For the first year the market fell 12% and we added 99% to equity. Year to date, 2014 September 26, the market rose 13% since July 1 and our return on equity increased to 26%.

This chart tracks every trade entered in the New Red-K-Line since June 2013. Trades follows strict money management rules based on 800,000 Yuan (US$130,000) trading capital and maximum position size of 160,000 Yuan (US$26,000) and maximum risk per trade of 16,000 Yuan (US$2,600).

More than a decade of trading and following China markets has proven that technical analysis methods are exceptionally successful.

If you are serious about direct exposure to the Shanghai market then this is the guide you need. For the first time we make the New Red-K-Line available in translation to Western readers.

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