World Indexes

Below is a list of World Indexes available through BodhiGold and Bodhi History 'World Zones' selection lists. These indexes are filtered into 3 regions.

Regions: 03E = European Business Indexes 09W = American Business Indexes 15E = AusAsian Business Indexes
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Code   Description Market Sector History
The History date is the earliest data available for this index | Copyright © 2006 - | JustData
TNX10-Year Treasury Yield Index09WInterest Rates16/03/1992
IRX13-Week Treasury Index09WInterest Rates16/03/1992
TYX30-Year Treasury Yield Index09WInterest Rates16/03/1992
FVX5-Year Treasury Note Index09WInterest Rates16/03/1992
MAL0ALUMINIUM London Metals Exchange Index03EMetals31/07/1995
XAXAMEX Composite Index09WEquity Index03/01/2000
XNGAMEX Natural Gas Index09WEnergy18/03/1994
XOIAMEX Oil Index09WEnergy26/08/1983
AAXAMSTERDAM Exchange All-Share Index03EEquity Index31/08/1999
AEXAMSTERDAM Exchange General 25 Index03EEquity Index15/03/1984
AMXAMSTERDAM Midkap Euronext Index03EEquity Index15/03/1984
AORDASX All Ordinaries Index15EEquity Index15/03/1984
BFXIBELGIUM 20 Gross Return Institutional Index03EEquity Index08/03/1994
BFXBELGIUM 20 Index03EEquity Index28/10/1991
BFXPBELGIUM 20 Net Return Private Index03EEquity Index08/03/1994
BFWDBELGIUM Continuous Return Index03EEquity Index28/10/1991
BELMCBELGIUM Mid Return Index03EEquity Index03/05/1995
BELSCBELGIUM Small Return Index03EEquity Index03/05/1995
BSPTBRUSSELS All-Share (B.A.S.) Price Index03EEquity Index25/08/1992
BCSHBRUSSELS All-Share (B.A.S.) Return Index03EEquity Index02/01/1985
BSE30BSE 30 Index15EEquity Index01/07/1997
FCHICAC 40 Index03EEquity Index19/08/1988
VIXCBOE Market Volatility Index09WEquity Index02/01/1990
MCU0COPPER London Metals Exchange Index03EMetals31/07/1995
GDAXIDAX Xetra 100 Index03EEquity Index17/05/1993
DJADOW JONES Composite Index09WEquity Index04/01/1988
DJIDOW JONES Industrial Average Index09WEquity Index03/10/1983
N100Euronext 100 Index03EEquity Index31/12/1999
FTSEFTSE 100 Index03EEquity Index04/05/1984
FTMCFTSE 250 Index03EEquity Index04/01/2000
FTASFTSE All Shares Index03EEquity Index04/01/2000
XAUFIXGOLD Fix (PM) Index03EMetals01/04/1968
HXCHalter USX China Index09WEquity Index11/04/2008
HSIHang Seng Index15EEquity Index15/03/1984
KSEKarachi Composite Index15EEquity Index02/07/1997
KLSEKLSE Composite Index15EEquity Index03/12/1993
MPB0LEAD London Metals Exchange Index03EMetals31/07/1995
IGBMMADRID General Index03EEquity Index29/06/2006
IBEXMADRID IBEX 35 Index03EEquity Index06/04/1993
XMIMajor Market Composite Index09WEquity Index15/04/1983
RMZMSCI US REIT Index09WEquity Index13/06/1995
MICEXMICEX Index03EEquity Index11/01/2011
NDXNASDAQ 100 Index09WEquity Index25/09/1985
MNXNASDAQ 100 Mini Index09WEquity Index11/04/2008
IXICNASDAQ Composite Index09WEquity Index22/03/1984
N150NEXT 150 Index03EEquity Index31/12/1999
MNI0NICKEL London Metals Exchange Index03EMetals31/07/1995
N225Nikkei 225 Index15EEquity Index21/03/1984
NYANYSE Composite Index09WEquity Index01/04/1985
NZ50NZSE 50 Index15EEquity Index05/10/2001
NZ10NZX 10 Index15EEquity Index08/10/1991
NZMCNZX Midcap Index15EEquity Index13/03/2000
NZSCNZX Smallcap Index15EEquity Index06/01/1992
OMXOMX Stockholm 30 Index03EEquity Index06/07/2004
OSEAXOSLO Exchange All-Share Index03EEquity Index07/02/2001
XAUPhiladelphia Exchange Gold/Silver Index09WMetals19/12/1983
RHOD-LONRHODIUM Index03EMetals16/10/2006
RTSIRUSSIAN Trading System Index03EEquity Index11/01/2011
RUIRUSSELL 1000 Index09WEquity Index29/06/1987
RUXRUSSELL 2000 Index09WEquity Index10/09/1987
RUARUSSELL 3000 Index09WEquity Index10/09/1987
KS11Seoul Composite Index15EEquity Index01/07/1997
SSEAShanghai A Share Index15EEquity Index04/01/2000
SSEBShanghai B Share Index15EEquity Index04/01/2000
SSECShanghai Composite Index15EEquity Index04/01/2000
SZSAShenzhen A Share Index15EEquity Index04/01/2000
SZSBShenzhen B Share Index15EEquity Index04/01/2000
XAGFIXSILVER Fix (AM) Index03EMetals02/01/1968
STISingapore Straits Times Index15EEquity Index04/01/1985
SBF120Société des Bourses Françaises (SBF) 120 Index03EEquity Index28/12/1990
SS180SSE 180 Index15EEquity Index01/07/2002
SSMISWISS Market Index03EEquity Index09/11/1990
MSN0TIN London Metals Exchange Index03EMetals31/07/1995
TWIITSEC Taiwan Weighted Index15EEquity Index02/07/1997
TSXTSX Composite Index09WEquity Index03/01/2000
DXYUS DOLLAR Index09WForex20/11/1985
VLAValue Line Arithmetic Index09WEquity Index11/04/2008
VLICValue Line Geometric Index09WEquity Index24/02/1982
MZN0ZINC London Metals Exchange Index03EMetals31/07/1995