Australian Dollar Foreign Exchange

 Includes 33 Australian Dollar Cross rates and other major cross rates.

Code   Description History
The History date is the earliest data available for this foreign exchange rate
AUDBRLAustralian Dollar Cross Brazilian Real29/10/2002
AUDCADAustralian Dollar Cross Canadian Dollar31/10/2002
AUDCNYAustralian Dollar Cross Chinese Yuan12/02/2004
AUDCZKAustralian Dollar Cross Czech Republic Koruny14/11/2002
AUDDKKAustralian Dollar Cross Danish Krone31/10/2002
AUDEURAustralian Dollar Cross EMU Euro31/10/2002
AUDGBPAustralian Dollar Cross Great Britain Pound22/11/2002
AUDHKDAustralian Dollar Cross Hong Kong Dollar13/11/2002
AUDHUFAustralian Dollar Cross Hungarian Forint16/12/2002
AUDINRAustralian Dollar Cross Indian Rupee11/02/2005
AUDJPYAustralian Dollar Cross Japanese Yen31/10/2002
AUDMYRAustralian Dollar Cross Malaysian Ringgit31/10/2002
AUDMXNAustralian Dollar Cross Mexican Peso25/12/2002
AUDNZDAustralian Dollar Cross New Zealand Dollar24/12/2002
AUDNOKAustralian Dollar Cross Norwegian Krone07/01/2003
AUDPHPAustralian Dollar Cross Philippine Peso13/04/2005
AUDPLNAustralian Dollar Cross Polish Zloty30/10/2002
AUDRUBAustralian Dollar Cross Russian Rouble08/11/2002
AUDSGDAustralian Dollar Cross Singapore Dollar04/12/2002
AUDSKKAustralian Dollar Cross Slovakia Koruny08/09/2004
AUDZARAustralian Dollar Cross South African Rand12/12/2002
AUDKRWAustralian Dollar Cross South Korean Won19/11/2002
AUDSEKAustralian Dollar Cross Swedish Krona20/01/2003
AUDCHFAustralian Dollar Cross Swiss Franc31/10/2002
AUDTWDAustralian Dollar Cross Taiwan N.T. Dollar30/10/2002
AUDTHBAustralian Dollar Cross Thai Baht31/10/2002
AUDUSDAustralian Dollar Cross USA Dollar11/05/1990
EURJPYEMU Euro Cross Japanese Yen11/02/2005
EURUSDEMU Euro Cross USA Dollar09/12/1996
GBPUSDGreat Britain Pound Cross USA Dollar25/05/1993
USDCADUSA Dollar Cross Canadian Dollar05/07/1993
USDJPYUSA Dollar Cross Japanese Yen14/05/1990
USDCHFUSA Dollar Cross Swiss Franc26/05/1993
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