Bodhi History

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I purchased Bodhi History for the USA commodity exchanges and have found the data exceptional.

Not only can I view charts for the trading contracts but I also have access to a number of continuous charts that join the contracts together to give me a long history for the commodity I am interested in. It's a great product and shows your experience with these markets. Well done!

J Nicholls VIC

Click on one of the product categories below to see a table containing the available Historical data.

Information about these tables:
The Region EMEA incorporates Europe; Middle East and Africa and AusPac refers to Asia Pacific.
The History date is the earliest date Bodhi History has available from this exchange.

Foreign Exchange Data: Choose from individual currencies or our global package containing the eleven major currencies.

If the currency you require is not available on this list please contact us and we will include it.

Foreign Exchange Data - You can sort the table by clicking the table headers.
Country Region Exchange Symbols Code History
This table was last updated on 13/06/2014.
Australia AusPac Australian Dollar Foreign Exchange AUD 14/05/1990
Canada Americas Canadian Dollar Foreign Exchange CAD 14/05/1990
China AusPac Hong Kong Dollar Foreign Exchange HKD 14/05/1990
Economic & Monetary Union (EMU) EMEA Euro Dollar Foreign Exchange EUR 14/05/1990
Great Britain EMEA Great Britain Pound Foreign Exchange GBP 14/05/1990
Japan AusPac Japanese Yen Foreign Exchange JPY 14/05/1990
New Zealand AusPac New Zealand Dollar Foreign Exchange NZD 14/05/1990
United States Americas United States Dollar Foreign Exchange USD 14/05/1990
World Forex World G11: Global Eleven Foreign Exchange G11 14/05/1990

Futures & Commodity Data: Bodhi History supplies current and virtual continuous contracts.

Current contracts are available for every future or commodities trading month and session. The virtual contracts are made by combining the current contracts to give you a consecutive history on a future or commodity.
For more information on futures, refer to the following link: Understanding futures and their coding convention

Future & Commodity Exchanges - You can sort the table by clicking the table headers.
Country Region Exchange Symbols Code History
This table was last updated on 13/06/2014.
Australia AusPac Sydney Futures Exchange SFE 02/01/1980
Germany EMEA EUREX Germany EUX 17/05/1993
Great Britain EMEA Euronext London Futures LIF 04/11/1982
Great Britain EMEA ICE International Commodity Exchange ICE 17/08/1990
United States Americas Chicago Board of Trade CBT 02/02/1968
United States Americas Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME 04/01/1960
United States Americas Kansas City Board of Trade KBT 02/06/1969
United States Americas Minneapolis Grains Exchange MGE 01/02/1983
United States Americas New York Futures & Cotton Exchange NYF 02/06/1969
United States Americas New York Mercantile Exchange NYM 02/06/1969

Stock Exchange Data: Bodhi History supplies equity exchanges from around the world.

Equity & Index Exchanges - You can sort the table by clicking the table headers.
Country Region Exchange Code
History Date 
This table was last updated on 28/02/2017.
AustraliaAusPacAustralian Stock ExchangeASX31/07/1981
AustraliaAusPacNational Stock Exchange (Newcastle)NSX14/01/2003
BrazilAmericasSao Paulo Stock ExchangeBSP01/07/2007
CanadaAmericasToronto Stock Exchange (TSX)TSE01/07/2007
CanadaAmericasTSX Venture ExchangeTSX23/06/2006
ChinaAusPacHong Kong Stock ExchangeHKG30/12/1999
ChinaAusPacShanghai Stock ExchangeSHG19/12/1990
ChinaAusPacShenzhen Stock ExchangeSHE03/04/1991
DenmarkEMEANASDAQ OMX CopenhagenCSE01/07/2007
FranceEMEAEuronext ParisPAR01/07/2007
GermanyEMEAXETRA FrankfurtETR21/06/2006
Great BritainEMEALondon Stock ExchangeLSE01/05/1984
IndiaAusPacBombay Stock Exchange (BSE)BOM01/07/2007
IndiaAusPacNational Stock Exchange of IndiaNSE01/07/2007
JapanAusPacTokyo Stock ExchangeTKS01/07/2007
MalaysiaAusPacMalaysian ExchangeKLS22/02/1984
New ZealandAusPacNew Zealand Stock ExchangeNZE03/01/1990
SingaporeAusPacSingapore Securities ExchangeSES17/10/1983
TaiwanAusPacTaiwan Stock ExchangeTAI01/07/2007
ThailandAusPacStock Exchange of ThailandBKK01/03/2006
United StatesAmericasAmerican Consolidated Stock ExchangeASQ14/07/1983
United StatesAmericasNASDAQ Consolidated Stock MarketNMQ26/07/1984
United StatesAmericasNew York Consolidated Stock ExchangeNYQ31/01/1985
World ZonesAmericasWorld American Indexes09W04/01/1960
World ZonesAusPacWorld AusAsian Indexes15E15/03/1984
World ZonesEMEAWorld European Indexes03E01/06/1982