Bodhi History

Historical Information supplied with its own management software for the serious technical analyst.
  • Compatible with multiple programs
  • Select entire markets or individual symbols
  • Fully user configurable

The Bodhi History software manages historical Stock Exchange information into a variety of different database formats. Bodhi History is supplied on CD-ROM or USB flash drive, depending on your requirements or the quantity of exchanges you have purchased. Click here to view available exchanges under their categories and the date the history starts from.

With Bodhi History you can manage the amount of information you wish to process to your computer. You can choose to process data by information group (i.e. all the ASX Equities); by information bundle (i.e. Top 100 Equities) or you can select individual symbols - one at a time.
Option users can choose a family group (i.e. BHP) and download all the put and call options available from that company whilst Future users can choose a commodity (i.e. GOLD) or a future (i.e. 3-Year Bond) and download all current and continuous contracts for these items. Click here to view all the features available in Bodhi History.

Bodhi History automatically adjusts for name changes; share splits; bonus issues; merges; dividends and other reconstructions. These adjustments can be turned on/off by the user.

Bodhi History is compatible with BodhiGold and will automatically match your configuration of the program. This includes the exchanges you have selected; the database formats you are downloading and the directory structure you have chosen.
Bodhi History can also be used on its own for research purposes.