EzyProfessional 6

  • Separate indicator panels
  • Sector & Industry filters
  • Daryl Guppy indicators and tools
  • Alan Hull indicators
  • Jim Berg indicators
  • Advanced text formatting
  • Comprehensive help files and tutorials

EzyProfessional 6 is a powerful analysing and trading software program to trade the markets. Investors can scan and sort markets for opportunities that correspond to their analysis criteria, chart them and trade them. EzyProfessional 6 has been designed to work seamlessly with a data subscription from BodhiGold and some of its more advanced data statistics and reporting is only available in conjunction with BodhiGold. However it does have the ability to import text files from free data sources.

EzyProfessional 6 includes the EzyChart charting software and EzyAnalyser scanning software. A portfolio manager is currently being programmed to finalise the suite.


EzyChart's charting capabilities are second to none. You can use a study or any indicator, classical or proprietary. The online help teaches you how to interpret these indicators and studies. You can use preset parameters, or you can use your own. You will find elliot counts, gann cycles, time and price, regression analysis, statistical analysis and much more. It's all made easy. All are professional tools that you can learn within hours.


EzyAnalyser can scan market sectors, groups or entire markets for investment opportunities in minutes. It offers a range of features that are invaluable to the serious trader. EzyAnalyser will save you hours by scanning and finding those opportunities that you would have otherwise missed.