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Product Description Package  Renewal 
This table was last updated on 01/07/2016.
ASX Midnight ASX (Equities and Indexes) available from 30 minutes after midnight [AEST].
ASX Elite ASX (Equities, Indexes, Options, Income and Warrants). Available to download end-of-day at 4:50pm [AEST].
ASX Intraday ASX (Equities, Indexes, Options, Income and Warrants). Download 5 intraday hourly snapshots between 11:30am and 3:30pm and end-of-day at 4:50pm [AEST].
ASX Intraday; AUD and SFE ASX includes 5 hourly ASX intraday snapshots between 11:30am and 3:30pm and end-of-day at 4:50pm [AEST]. Plus end-of-day Australian Dollar Forex and Sydney Futures Exchange.
ASX/Int. Commodity ASX (end-of-day) and US & European Future/Commodity Exchanges (Future & Indexes). [View List]
ASX/LSE ASX (end-of-day) and London Stock Exchange (Equities & Indexes).
ASX/LSE/USA ASX (end-of-day); LSE; AMEX; NASDAQ and NYSE Exchanges.
ASX/NZ ASX (end-of-day) and New Zealand Stock Exchange (Equities & Indexes).
ASX Midnight/NZ ASX available 30-minutes after midnight and New Zealand Stock Exchange (end-of-day).
ASX/SFE ASX (end-of-day) plus the Sydney Futures Exchange.
ASX/USA ASX (end-of-day); AMEX; NASDAQ and NYSE Exchanges.
ASX/Total Futures ASX (end-of-day); SFE and US & European Future/Commodity Exchanges (Future & Indexes). [View List]
Global Forex Global 11 Foreign Exchange Major Cross Rates. [View List]
AUD Forex Australian Dollar Cross Rates including the majors. [View List] Other currency cross rates are available on application.
China Hong Kong; Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges (Equities & Indexes).
LSE London Stock Exchange (Equities & Indexes).
USA AMEX; NASDAQ and NYSE (Equities & Indexes) Exchanges.
Total Futures Sydney Futures Exchange and US & European Future/Commodity Exchanges (Future & Indexes). [View List]

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  • Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with the product within 30-days, it can be returned in good condition, for a refund. Choose your annual subscription carefully as after 30-days there are no refunds.
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  • Phone order with credit card: Australia: 1300 883 195 | International: +61 7 3821 5177

Information about these tables: The Price does not include historical data. Historical data can be added for $25 per exchange. All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Equity & Index Exchanges - You can sort the table by clicking the table headers. * The ASX intraday package is supplied with end-of-day historical data.
Country Region Exchange Markets Available Code History Price
This table was last updated on 01/07/2016.
AlgeriaEMEAAlgerian Stock ExchangeEquityALG01/07/2007$150
ArgentinaAmericasBuenos Aires Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBUE01/07/2007$150
AustraliaAusPacAustralian Stock Exchange (EOD)Equity; Income; Index; Option & WarrantASX31/07/1981$205
AustraliaAusPacAustralian Stock Exchange (Intraday) *Equity; Income; Index; Option & WarrantASX31/07/1981$325
AustraliaAusPacAustralian Stock Exchange (Midnight)Equity and IndexASX31/07/1981$55
AustraliaAusPacNational Stock Exchange (Newcastle)Equity; Income & IndexesNSX14/01/2003$33
AustriaEMEAVienna Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexWBO01/07/2007$150
BahamasAmericasBahamas International Securities ExchangeEquity & IndexBAA01/07/2007$150
BahrainEMEABahrain Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBAH01/07/2007$150
BangladeshAusPacChittagong Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexCHG01/11/2010$150
BangladeshAusPacDhaka Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexDHA16/09/2007$150
BarbadosAmericasBarbados Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBAB01/07/2007$150
BelgiumEMEAEuronext BrusselsEquity & IndexBRU01/07/2007$150
BermudaAmericasBermuda Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBDA01/07/2007$150
BoliviaAmericasBolivian Stock ExchangeEquityBOL01/07/2007$150
BosniaEMEABosnia Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBLB01/07/2007$150
BotswanaEMEABotswana Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBOT01/07/2007$150
BrazilAmericasSao Paulo Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBSP01/07/2007$150
BulgariaEMEABulgarian Stock Exchange - SofiaEquity & IndexBUL01/07/2007$150
CameroonEMEADouala Stock ExchangeEquityDSX21/07/2008$150
CanadaAmericasCanadian Securities ExchangeEquityCNQ28/04/2010$150
CanadaAmericasToronto Stock Exchange (TSX)EquityTSE01/07/2007$150
CanadaAmericasTSX Venture ExchangeEquity & IndexTSX23/06/2006$150
Cape VerdeEMEACape Verde Stock ExchangeEquityBVC21/07/2008$150
Cayman IslandsAmericasCayman Islands Stock ExchangeEquityCAY01/07/2007$150
ChileAmericasChilean Electronic Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBCL01/07/2007$150
ChileAmericasSantiago Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSGO01/07/2007$150
ChinaAusPacHong Kong Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexHKG30/12/1999$110
ChinaAusPacShanghai Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSHG19/12/1990$150
ChinaAusPacShenzhen Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSHE03/04/1991$150
ColombiaAmericasColombian Securities ExchangeEquity & IndexBOG01/07/2007$150
Costa RicaAmericasCosta Rica's National Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBNV01/07/2007$150
CroatiaEMEAZagreb Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexZAG01/07/2007$150
CyprusEMEACyprus Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexCYS01/07/2007$150
Czech RepublicEMEAPrague Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexPRA01/07/2007$150
DenmarkEMEANASDAQ OMX CopenhagenEquity & IndexCSE01/07/2007$150
Dominican RepublicAmericasDominican Republic Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBVR15/06/2010$150
EcuadorAmericasGuayaquil Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexGUA01/07/2007$150
EcuadorAmericasQuito Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexQUI01/07/2007$150
EgyptEMEAEgyptian ExchangeEquity & IndexCAI09/07/2007$150
El SalvadorAmericasEl Salvador Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSVA01/07/2007$150
EstoniaEMEANASDAQ OMX TallinnEquity & IndexTAL01/07/2007$150
European UnionEMEAEuropean BATE Stock ExchangeEquityATE06/08/2009$150
FijiAusPacSouth Pacific Stock Exchange (Fiji)Equity & IndexSPS05/06/2010$150
FinlandEMEANASDAQ OMX HelsinkiEquity & IndexHEL01/07/2007$150
FranceEMEAEuronext ParisEquityPAR01/07/2007$150
GermanyEMEABerlin-Bremen Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBER01/07/2007$198
GermanyEMEADusseldorf Stock ExchangeEquityDUS01/07/2007$150
GermanyEMEAFrankfurt Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexFRA01/07/2007$220
GermanyEMEAHamburg Stock ExchangeEquityHAM01/07/2007$198
GermanyEMEAHanover Stock ExchangeEquityHAN01/07/2007$150
GermanyEMEAMunich Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMUN01/07/2007$150
GermanyEMEAStuttgart Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSTU01/07/2007$240
GermanyEMEAXETRA FrankfurtEquity & IndexETR21/06/2006$150
GhanaEMEAGhana Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexGHA01/07/2007$150
Great BritainEMEALondon Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexLSE01/05/1984$200
Great BritainEMEALondon Stock Exchange Electronic QuotationEquityEAQ01/07/2007$150
GreeceEMEAAthens Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexATH01/07/2007$150
GuernseyEMEAChannel Islands Stock ExchangeEquityCIE01/07/2007$150
HungaryEMEABudapest Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBUD01/07/2007$150
IcelandEMEANASDAQ OMX IcelandEquity & IndexICE01/07/2007$150
IndiaAusPacBombay Stock Exchange (BSE)Equity & IndexBOM01/07/2007$150
IndiaAusPacNational Stock Exchange of IndiaEquity & IndexNSE01/07/2007$150
IndonesiaAusPacIndonesia Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexJKT01/07/2007$150
IranEMEATehran Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexTEH01/07/2007$150
IraqEMEAIraq Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexIQS19/05/2010$150
IrelandEMEAIrish Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexDUB01/07/2007$150
IsraelEMEATel-Aviv Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexTAE01/07/2007$150
ItalyEMEABorsa Italiana Electronic Share MarketEquity & IndexMTA01/07/2007$150
ItalyEMEAItalian EDX Stock ExchangeEquityEDX06/08/2009$240
Ivory CoastEMEARegional Stock Exchange of West AfricaEquityBRV01/07/2007$150
JamaicaAmericasJamaica Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexJAM01/07/2007$150
JapanAusPacNagoya Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexNGO01/07/2007$110
JapanAusPacTokyo Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexTKS01/07/2007$198
JordanEMEAAmman Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexAMM01/07/2007$150
KazakhstanAusPacKazakhstan Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexKAZ01/07/2007$150
KenyaEMEANairobi Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexNAI01/07/2007$150
Korea (South)AusPacKorea Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexKOR01/07/2007$150
Korea (South)AusPacKOSDAQ MarketEquity & IndexKOS01/07/2007$150
KuwaitEMEAKuwait Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexKUW01/07/2007$150
Kyrgyz RepublicAusPacKyrgyz Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexKSE01/07/2007$150
LatviaEMEANASDAQ OMX RigaEquity & IndexRIS01/07/2007$150
LebanonEMEABeirut Stock ExchangeEquityBEY01/07/2007$150
LithuaniaEMEANASDAQ OMX VilniusEquity & IndexLIT01/07/2007$150
LuxembourgEMEALuxembourg Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexLUX01/07/2007$150
MacedoniaEMEAMacedonian Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMAE01/07/2007$150
MalawiEMEAMalawi Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMSW01/07/2007$150
MalaysiaAusPacMalaysian ExchangeEquity & IndexKLS22/02/1984$99
MaldivesAusPacMaldives Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMLE23/05/2013$150
MaltaEMEAMalta Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMAL01/07/2007$150
MauritiusEMEAStock Exchange of MauritiusEquity & IndexMAU01/07/2007$150
MexicoAmericasMexican Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMEX01/07/2007$150
MoroccoEMEACasablanca Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexCAS01/07/2007$150
NamibiaEMEANamibian Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexNAM01/07/2007$150
NepalAusPacNepal Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexNEP01/07/2007$150
NetherlandsEMEAEuronext AmsterdamEquity & IndexAMS01/07/2007$150
New ZealandAusPacNew Zealand Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexNZE03/01/1990$110
NigeriaEMEANigerian Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexNSA01/07/2007$150
NorwayEMEANorwegian Over the Counter Market (NOTC)EquityNOT04/06/2010$150
NorwayEMEAOslo BorsEquity & IndexOSL01/07/2007$150
NorwayEMEAOslo Stock Exchange EmrgEquityOAS24/08/2009$150
OmanEMEAMuscat Securities MarketEquity & IndexMUS01/07/2007$150
PakistanAusPacKarachi Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexKAR01/07/2007$150
PalestineEMEAPalestine ExchangeEquity & IndexPAE01/07/2007$150
PanamaAmericasPanama Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexPTY01/07/2007$150
ParaguayAmericasAsuncion Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBVA03/12/2010$150
PeruAmericasLima Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexLIM01/07/2007$150
PhilippinesAusPacPhilippine Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexPHS01/07/2007$150
PolandEMEAWarsaw Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexWAR01/07/2007$150
PortugalEMEAEuronext LisbonEquity & IndexLIS01/07/2007$150
QatarEMEAQatar ExchangeEquity & IndexSMD01/07/2007$150
RomaniaEMEABucharest Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBSE01/07/2007$150
RussiaEMEAMoscow ExchangeEquity & IndexMIC01/07/2007$150
Saudi ArabiaEMEASaudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul)Equity & IndexSAU01/07/2007$150
SerbiaEMEABelgrade Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBEL10/02/2009$150
SingaporeAusPacSingapore Securities ExchangeEquity & IndexSES17/10/1983$99
Slovak RepublicEMEABratislava Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexBRA01/07/2007$150
SloveniaEMEALjubljana Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexLJU01/07/2007$150
South AfricaEMEAJSE Securities ExchangeEquity & IndexJSE18/08/2006$150
SpainEMEAMAB Madrid Stock ExchangeEquityMAB20/05/2010$150
SpainEMEAMadrid Stock ExchangeEquityMAD11/08/2006$55
SpainEMEAMercato Continuo Espanol BarcelonaEquity & IndexMCE01/07/2007$150
Sri LankaAusPacColombo Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexCOL01/07/2007$150
SudanEMEAKhartoum Stock ExchangeEquityKHA21/07/2008$150
SwazilandEMEASwaziland Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSWA01/07/2007$150
SwedenEMEANASDAQ OMX StockholmEquity & IndexOME01/07/2007$150
SwedenEMEAStockholm Stock Exchange (SAT)Equity & IndexSAT01/07/2007$150
SwitzerlandEMEABerne ExchangeEquityBRN09/06/2010$150
SwitzerlandEMEASwiss Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexSWX01/07/2007$198
SwitzerlandEMEASwiss Stock Exchange EmergingEquityQMH24/08/2009$150
SyriaEMEADamascus Securities ExchangeEquity & IndexDSE18/08/2010$150
TaiwanAusPacTaipei Exchange (GreTai Securities)Equity & IndexTWO01/07/2007$150
TaiwanAusPacTaiwan Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexTAI01/07/2007$150
TanzaniaEMEADar es Salaam Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexDAR01/07/2007$150
ThailandAusPacStock Exchange of ThailandEquity & IndexBKK01/03/2006$150
Trinidad & TobagoAmericasTrinidad & Tobago Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexTRN01/07/2007$150
TunisiaEMEATunis Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexTUN01/07/2007$150
TurkeyEMEAIstanbul Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexIST01/07/2007$150
UgandaEMEAUganda Securities ExchangeEquity & IndexUGA01/07/2007$150
UkraineEMEAUkrainian ExchangeEquity & IndexFTS01/07/2007$150
United Arab EmiratesEMEAAbu Dhabi Stock MarketEquity & IndexADS01/07/2007$150
United Arab EmiratesEMEADubai Financial MarketEquity & IndexDFM26/07/2007$150
United Arab EmiratesEMEANASDAQ DubaiEquity & IndexDIF15/11/2009$150
United StatesAmericasAmerican Consolidated Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexASQ14/07/1983$110
United StatesAmericasChicago Stock ExchangeEquityCHI01/07/2007$150
United StatesAmericasCincinnati Stock ExchangeEquityCIS01/07/2007$150
United StatesAmericasNASDAQ Consolidated Stock MarketEquity & IndexNMQ26/07/1984$110
United StatesAmericasNew York Consolidated Stock ExchangeEquityNYQ31/01/1985$110
United StatesAmericasOTCBB (Pink Sheets)EquityOCB13/07/2007$150
United StatesAmericasOver The Counter Stock ExchangeEquityOTC03/01/2005$150
United StatesAmericasPacific Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexPSE01/07/2007$150
UruquayAmericasMontevideo Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexMNT01/07/2007$150
VenezuelaAmericasCaracas Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexCAR01/07/2007$150
VietnamAusPacHo Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HSTC)Equity & IndexSTC01/07/2007$150
VietnamAusPacHo Chi Minh Stock Exchange (XSTC)Equity & IndexSTE24/08/2009$150
World ZonesWorldWorld Indexes [View List]Index03E/09W/15E04/01/1960$0
ZambiaEMEALusaka Stock ExchangeEquity & IndexLUS01/07/2007$150

Future & Commodity Exchanges - You can sort the table by clicking the table headers.
Country Region Exchange Symbols Code History Price
This table was last updated on 01/07/2016.
Australia AusPac Sydney Futures Exchange SFE 02/01/1980 $99
Germany EMEA EUREX Germany EUX 17/05/1993 $25
Great Britain EMEA Euronext London Futures LIF 04/11/1982 $55
Great Britain EMEA ICE International Commodity Exchange ICE 17/08/1990 $45
United States Americas Chicago Board of Trade CBT 02/02/1968 $55
United States Americas Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME 04/01/1960 $55
United States Americas Kansas City Board of Trade KBT 02/06/1969 $17
United States Americas Minneapolis Grains Exchange MGE 01/02/1983 $17
United States Americas New York Futures & Cotton Exchange NYF 02/06/1969 $55
United States Americas New York Mercantile Exchange NYM 02/06/1969 $55

Foreign Exchange Data - You can sort the table by clicking the table headers.
Country Region Exchange Symbols Code History Price
This table was last updated on 13/06/2014.
Australia AusPac Australian Dollar Foreign Exchange AUD 14/05/1990 $55
Canada Americas Canadian Dollar Foreign Exchange CAD 14/05/1990 $55
China AusPac Hong Kong Dollar Foreign Exchange HKD 14/05/1990 $55
Economic & Monetary Union (EMU) EMEA Euro Dollar Foreign Exchange EUR 14/05/1990 $55
Great Britain EMEA Great Britain Pound Foreign Exchange GBP 14/05/1990 $55
Japan AusPac Japanese Yen Foreign Exchange JPY 14/05/1990 $55
New Zealand AusPac New Zealand Dollar Foreign Exchange NZD 14/05/1990 $55
United States Americas United States Dollar Foreign Exchange USD 14/05/1990 $55
World Forex World G11: Global Eleven Foreign Exchange G11 14/05/1990 $110

    Pricing Conditions:
  • Custom Packs incur a $150AUD annual base fee per subscription. A subscription can contain one or more exchanges.
  • The base fee does not apply if you are adding exchanges to an existing BodhiGold data subscription. Click here to get a quote.
  • One user is entitled to 2 (two) registrations for their own personal use. Both registrations (where two are given) will expire 12-months from the date the client is given their first registration, regardless of when they receive a subsequent registration.
  • Any changes to your data subscription must be made in the first 30-days.
  • Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with the product within 30-days, it can be returned in good condition, for a refund. After 30-days there are no refunds for whatever reason.

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