Track Comprehensive end-of-day Data for ASX and Other Stock Exchanges, with BodhiGold

Whether you are a private investor or a financial professional, there is a benefit to seeing and analysing a wide array of stock information all in one place. Using BodhiGold, a piece of financial software available from Australia's JustData, you can do just that. BodhiGold is a program built to provide EOD data—not just for the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange), but also for over 150 other exchanges worldwide. By selecting multiple exchanges or indexes worldwide, you can use BodhiGold to view the end of day market data for different stocks traded around the world. With multiple different currency conversions available, you can download EOD stock data from other countries.

Why End of Day Data Matters

In any given day of stock trading, investors will look at a range of different data to determine which stocks to buy, which stocks to sell and which stocks to avoid. However, while factors such as the opening price of a stock (the stock price when trading begins in the morning) or the low or high prices the stock hits throughout the day are viewed as important, these pieces of data are not the most crucial for making stock predictions or judgment calls.

Instead, most financial professionals and private investors alike view end of day data as the most important piece of information about a stock on any given day. Where a stock price is at the end of the day—and how it compares to the opening price, the high price, and the low price—can signal future trends for that stock. As a result, stock analysts will pay very close attention to ASX end of day data (as well as end of day data for other exchanges globally) to make market investment decisions.

Using EOD Data to Become a More Assured Private Trader

When you work with a financial advisor, the chances are that they are following ASX EOD data closely to make determinations about your stock portfolio. As a result, if you choose to manage your investments, it is important for you to start paying attention to end of day stock data as well. When paired with historical stock pricing information, ASX end of day data can tell you everything you need to know to make educated guesses about where a stock might go next and whether to buy, sell, hold or ignore.

By using JustData's BodhiGold, you will be able to view ASX EOD data (as well as data for other global stock exchanges) and download for use in reporting and charting programs. Our software is easy to use and easy to tailor to your needs or trading habits, and all of our EOD data is official, compiled from the exact prices that stock markets are listing at the end of the trading day. BodhiGold is intuitive data downloading software, so that you can save end of day data from the ASX or other exchanges for later reference or analysis.

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